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December 2017
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Allanson Center East Cabin (Research Use)
Thu, Oct 5, 12AM – Mon, Oct 9, 12AM
@ Sweeney Granite Mountains Desert Research Center
We will be using aerosol optical instrumentation in a converted passenger van to measure airborne mineral dust particles. We will take measurements while driving on roads within the Mojave National Preserve, as well as while parked in parking areas and on hard shoulders. We will not be going off-roa...
We will also require one parking space for a passenger van, preferably close to the building. In terms of accommodation, we don't mind where we are housed. We just require 2 beds, and would prefer to be close to or in the main building.
APP#36121 / Research
Mobile measurements of Western US mineral dust optical properties
People in this reservation
Gabriela Adler / (Research Scientist/Post Doc) Thu, Oct 5, 2PM – Mon, Oct 9, 9AM
Katherine Manfred / (Research Scientist/Post Doc) Thu, Oct 5, 2PM – Mon, Oct 9, 9AM