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November 2017
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Ava Cooper
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Sabrina Shirazi
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Sabrina Shirazi
Research Assistant (non-student/faculty/postdoc) (1)
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Graduate Student Group x45
Tue, Sep 5, 2PM – Wed, Sep 6, 9AM
@ Sagehen Creek Field Station
In the past, we have had our students who do research at Sagehen take our students on a tour of the grounds. There has also been a presentation we attend as well when we arrive. Then, we cook dinner and stay over night before leaving the next morning once we've cleaned up.
APP#35058 / Public
UC Davis Odyssey
With Others
Group / (Graduate Student) Tue, Sep 5, 2PM – Wed, Sep 6, 9AM
Matthew Malepeai / (Professional) Tue, Sep 5, 2PM – Wed, Sep 6, 9AM
cabin Tue, Sep 5, 12AM – Wed, Sep 6, 12AM