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December 2017
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Adrian Harpold
Ava Cooper
Undergraduate Student (2)
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Alex Chow
Robert Rhew
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Ava Cooper
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Karthik Ram
cabin (2)
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K-12 Student Group x6
Fri, Sep 8, 4PM – Sat, Sep 9, 4PM
@ Sagehen Creek Field Station
Adventure Risk Challenge proposes hosting a one-night stay at Sagehen for students who participated in our 2017 summer course. 6-8 students will meet with their assigned ARC mentors, talk about their goals for the upcoming academic year, and go for a short hike.
APP#35453 / Public
ARC Summer Cohort Mentoring Weekend
With Others
Group / (K-12 Student) Fri, Sep 8, 4PM – Sat, Sep 9, 4PM
Group / (Volunteer) Fri, Sep 8, 4PM – Sat, Sep 9, 4PM
cabin Fri, Sep 8, 12AM – Sat, Sep 9, 12AM