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December 2017
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Adrian Harpold
Ava Cooper
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Alex Chow
Robert Rhew
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Ava Cooper
Karthik Ram
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Fri, Oct 6, 12AM – Mon, Oct 9, 12AM
@ Sagehen Creek Field Station
Staff and consultant from UCB Facilities Services wish to visit Sagehen Field Station to learn about the assets and condition of the site, as part of a System-wide collection of information regarding campus landholdings and assets. Staff and consultant wish to visit the site, tour the facilities,...
Facilities Services Staff would like to meet with the Reserve Manager to discuss security, risks, facilities, infrastructure, maintenance, and other topics that may arise. We estimate it will take approximately 2 hours of the Reserve Manager's time; Facilities Services Staff would like to visit and...
APP#35976 / Housing
Facilities Services Regional Asset Visit
People in this reservation
Carol RIce / (Professional) Fri, Oct 6, 2PM – Mon, Oct 9, 12PM
Group / (Other) Fri, Oct 6, 2PM – Mon, Oct 9, 12PM