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December 2017
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Adrian Harpold
Ava Cooper
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Alex Chow
Robert Rhew
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Ava Cooper
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Karthik Ram
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Fri, Sep 29, 12AM – Fri, Oct 20, 12AM
@ Sagehen Creek Field Station
I am working for Prof. Jonathan Greenberg at the University of Nevada, Reno. We have plots in Tahoe Basin, and staying at Sagehen would be much more convenient for field work.
I am planning on arriving at Sagehen after a field day on Thursday, Sept 28th. I should arrive around 6pm, but could arrive an hour or two before or after that time. As of right now, our field season ends October 19th, but inclement weather might push back our season another week. Would I be able to...
APP#36117 / Housing
Terrestrial LiDAR Scanning
People in this reservation
Laura Wade / (Research Assistant (non-student/faculty/postdoc)) Fri, Sep 29, 8AM – Fri, Oct 20, 12PM